We shoot professional aerial photography and videography in the SF, Bay Area. Drone or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technology has really changed the game in getting aerials. It can fly in that, here to before, never reached airspace between 0 to 400 feet above ground level. This is an altitude range that makes for very compelling shots of your projects. Eric has been a Part 107 FAA Certified pilot since 2016 and has been flying UAVs since 2013. A lot of the San Francisco, Bay Area is in controlled airspace from the myriad of airports in the area. As a certified Pilot, Eric can get automated, instantaneous, FAA authorization to a lot of areas through the LAANC system where others would definitely be in violation of the law. It’s a great tool, let us show you what it can do for your projects.


Please call or write to us about your project. ● 510.332.4511