Why is Las Vegas a Popular Place for Shutterbugs?

Casinos, Cosplays, and Circus Shows


A day in Vegas is always filled with exciting moments. The day to day scene often includes poker tournaments, and casino patrons who frequent the slot machines. The whole Vegas Strip is full of entertainment shows that range from magic shows to stand-up comedies.
Apart from the aforementioned shows, Vegas is also home to a plethora of conventions and magic shows. With plenty of possible material to work for a story, Vegas is frequently visited by photographers. Joe Giron, a popular rock band photographer, is now enthused by unique images captured only in casinos and remains a photographer of tournaments. Another photographer who is a staple in the casinos is Marcello Rostagni, who became popular for his portrait shots.
So what makes Vegas their favorite shooting spot? Here are a few reasons:

The unique architecture of casinos
Every time we mention Las Vegas, we often imagine skyscrapers and neon-lit brick and mortar casinos. These entertainment establishments are always a standout since most of these casinos are carefully designed and built to attract patrons and vacationers alike. The city is home the popular Venetian Casino which is a popular shooting spot for photographers. Aside from this Venice-inspired architecture, Vegas is also home to Caesars Palace and the Bellagio, both of which are renowned for their luxurious aesthetics.

The charming appeal of cosplays
If you find yourself lost in Las Vegas and suddenly meet Naruto walking down the street or perhaps find Cloud of Final Fantasy posing in front of the cameras, then you’re probably at Las Vegas Comic Expo. When people are not playing in casinos, they sometimes visit this famous convention to find their favorite anime or video game character come to life. You may even find cosplayers mimicking the David statue of Caesars Palace. In fact, it’s not just cosplayers who are fond of using famous icons as inspiration, as the Cleopatra and Bruce Lee games featured on bubblebonusbingo.com have also taken to referencing to popular culture to gain a share of the earnings from younger patrons. These cosplayers are then immortalized by photographers in these conventions via blog posts and photos. Thanks to a plethora of photos circulating the web, we are now familiar of popular cosplayers such as Jessica Nigri and Lindsay Elise.

The astounding performance of Cirque du Soleil
With colorful sets, vibrant costumes, and astounding circus performances, Las Vegas’ Cirque du Soleil is a common shooting spot for the shutterbugs. This unique arts and street entertainment show is now known worldwide and remains a favorite for tourists. With its unique theatrical plays and performances that includes Michael Jackson themed or Beatles-like performances, even foreign photographers make an effort to visit the place.

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