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Fall Leaf Time Lapse

Time lapses can be tricky to capture. Even when you control all the lighting and environment, as I did here in my studio, you can still get annoying flicker. This can be caused by micro changes in lighting and kelvin temperature as well as shutter inconsistencies. See the below video for the “out of the camera” (mostly) results.

However, there is software GB Deflicker that averages the frames out the luminance and inconsistencies. I was fortunate enough to try a Beta 3 release from Granite Bay Software.

As you can see the results are spot on. I highly recommend this software to anyone who is dabbling in time lapse.

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Panning time lapse in Kisumu, Kenya

This was shot around midday in the very busy main turnabout in Kisumu. This is Kenya’s third largest city and is located on the shores of Lake Victoria. It was the first real world test of the panning rig. Other than one slight bobble, it worked well.

Video Duration: 58 seconds

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Panning Time Lapse

I created a rig to allow for a panning time lapse.

Video Duration :59 seconds

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Bay Time Lapse

Time lapse is essentially a succession of stills at less than the common playback frame rate. Most video plays at 30fps so if you capture at every other frame or 15fps over the same amount of time, it’s twice as fast. The problem I used to run into is that most natural events occur relatively slowly. This would use a great deal of video tape as it was recorded in real time and then I’d reduce the frames in post. Therefore, I decided to try to perform the same operation with my digital still camera.

This was an exercise in producing time lapse from a digital still camera. It was shoot at the SF Bay from my island of Alameda.
Shot with Fuji S3 Pro at 1 frame every 3 seconds
Nikon MC-36 intervalometer
Stills assembled together in Quicktime Pro
Flicker effect overcome with a GB Deflicker plug in for After Effects
Music: Philip Glass’ Prelude from Act I of Akhnaten

Video Duration 1:03 minutes

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